Tuesday, November 14, 2006

TechQual+ Site Upgraded

The TechQual+ site development continues, with the release today of membership features for participating institutions. Additionally, the project listserv is being moved to a new location and address (list@techqual.org) to allow for better integration with the TechQual+ website.

Project participants should visit the TechQual+ site and join by clicking 'Signup' at the top of each page. Additionally, members of the existing listserv will be migrated to the new listserv by November 16, 2006. This upgrade will be discussed during the November 14, 2006 conference call.

For more information regarding the Higher Education TechQual+ Project please email the prinicipal investigator, Dr. Timothy M. Chester, at timothy.chester@pepperdine.edu or visit the project Web site at http://www.techqual.org/.

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