Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TechQual+ Web Updates this Weekend

Beginning Friday evening, there will be upgrades to the TechQual+ Web sites that may affect the ability of some schools to manage surveys or analyze results over the weekend. These changes WILL NOT impact respondents who are completing surveys. Surveys are now completed on the Web site at and this Web site SHALL NOT be impacted by these upgrades.

Specifically, the WWW portion of the TechQual+ Web sites shall be moved to a new server with a new IP address and it will likely take the entire weekend for the DNS updates to propagate across the Internet for some. Additionally, the front facing TechQual+ WWW site will be updated to reflect a new "look and feel" and it will also include some new content and support resources, including pointers to the new discussion forums.

These changes are the first in what will be a series of upgrades for the TechQual+ services over the summer as the entire set of services are upgraded to the newest versions of Microsoft's .NET tools, the sites are migrated to the latest releases of Windows server, and the database system is migrated to the MySQL platform. These changes are designed to increase the reliability, scalability, and responsiveness of the TechQual+ services. Additionally, a new core TechQual+ survey is being designed and will be released to the community in draft form sometime this summer. This instrument shall be finalized and made available by the 2011 EDUCAUSE national conference in October.

Please use the TechQual+ discussion forums to discuss this topic as necessary.

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