Sunday, June 5, 2011

Academic Impressions Featuring TechQual+ This Week

Academic Impressions is hosting Martin Klubeck of Notre Dame and Timothy Chester of Pepperdine University this week as they present a Webinar series entitled "Measuring IT Performance and Impact". This is a two-part event, with Martin covering the basics of IT metrics on Tuesday (June 7, 2011) and Timothy discussing TechQual+ on Thursday (June 9, 2011). The presentation on Thursday will be very practitioner oriented as TechQual+ will be discussed within the context of creating a culture of assessment and planning, using program review to build and sustain credibility, and ensuring accountability and advocating for resources. The topic of assessing IT service outcomes in regards to accreditation compliance will also be covered.

Follow this link for more information on this Webinar.

Measuring IT Performance and Impact

There is a fee for participating in this Webinar, but the price is reasonable and institutions have the ability to purchase a license for one or both days.

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